Embryos Aren't Children

Written by: Kimberlee Model, posted: 2024-02-28. Tags: Identity and Politics.

The republicans have really painted themselves into a corner by backing the IVF ruling in Alabama. It's logically inconsistent with their standing premise on abortion: "life begins at conception" (Personally, I believe life begins at birth, but lets accept this as a logical premise and break out some proof by contradiction).

Conception requires a womb, so an embryo which hasn't been implanted into a womb (or naturally fertilized in one or whatever) is not alive. If it is not alive, it cannot be a child, thus ruling that an embryo is a child is logically inconsistent.

They're too stupid and stubborn to call out their own party members when they make a mistake, and they continue to defeat themselves and make it more difficult for people to have children (which is what they claim to want).