Kimee's Intro

Written by: Kimberlee Model, posted: 2017-05-18.

So this is my first blog post and its probably appropriate to introduce myself. I'm Kimee, a 21 year old computer science student. Some might say I'm slightly paranoid, so I'll forgo giving out which school I go to or where I live, but I'm sure an "advanced user" might easily figure out where I am and all.

I have a bit of an interest in "home servers" running on a Raspberry Pi (3B). It currently runs a Minecraft server, a Tomcat server (Hosting this blog, a relatively empty Jenkins as of this post, and my Git repositories on a Git Bucket instance), and a MySQL instance. Yes, that's a lot, and since its just me and my roommate that use it almost works. Except it is showing its limitations on that measly one gigabyte of RAM. For this reason I am intending to "upgrade" my system. Before you ask, I'm keeping the Pi, and getting more. Since I'm going for stability and reliability, I will not be doing any over-clocking. I'm looking for uptime that I can measure in months or years... hopefully. So anyways, as I migrate this to my "Pi Cluster" I will try to keep a nice log of how I did things here on this blog.

A quick note on my "How-I's" section. I've never felt that "How-To" is a good label for how-to type articles. So, since this is my blog, I'm gonna call it "How-I" as a log of how I did things, mainly as a record for myself and secondarily in case others want to replicate it.

So my general plan is that I will have one Pi for my Tomcat server, one Pi for my MySQL server, and one for Minecraft. This will allow each application to expand to as much RAM as it can. Perhaps some time down the line I will add one for a media center, or Jenkin's "build nodes" (on a Pi lol) but I'm going to try not to think about that yet.

You may have also noticed that I'm a transgirl. So, you might see me post about trans specific issues or about gender and sexuality in general, if you're not interested in that, then you can keep it to yourself.